The World Tour With Children's Eyes


Since July 3th 2001, and up to June 2002, the Tanguay family from St-Magloire, Québec, will be on a ride over the world for one year.  All the family, what means Jean Tanguay and Francine Bond, and their four children : Sébastien (13 years old), Francis (11 years old), Nicolas (9 years old) and Jolyanne (6 years old), will go for a long ride, and you can see their route on the map.  It represents about 39 000 miles by plane! (about 62 400 kilometers)

Carte du monde
Blue : to be done
Red : done
Click on the country to see informations, maps and routes done by the family.



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To contact the family, you can use the following adress:


To contribute to the Tanguay's trip, you can send 20 $ to the following adress, and receive a postcard from the country of your choice :
Jean Tanguay
22 route 281
St-Magloire de Bellechasse
Québec, Canada
G0R 3M0


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